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Redwood @ PARADISE


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Redwood Ranch and Paradise Ranch have partnered to provide the ideal wedding experience that combines rustic, country charm alongside modern, luxury accommodations. Host your wedding among wildflowers and thousands of oak trees along a river that flows year-round. After the celebration, indulge in the sublime, modern glass houses or chill in our hi-end glamping bell tents. Each home has its own queen bed, ac/heater, stereo, kitchen, private jacuzzi and fire pit. You'll find a cedar-lined sauna nestled beside the river. Walk from Redwood to Paradise or inquire about shuttle service between the two ranches.


Redwood Ranch

48008 S Fork Dr

Three Rivers, CA 93271

Email Redwood Ranch here


Paradise Ranch 

49741 S Fork Dr

Three Rivers, CA 93271

Email Paradise Ranch here


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